Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Hubby ROCKS!

Oh I am so super excited!!!! My wonderful hubby just made me the most awesome display pieces for my upcoming craft fairs =).

No humdrum velvet bust forms for this girl, NO SIR!!
I can not wait to show them off in action this weekend at the Etsy Maine Team craft fair!

This piece will have rustic spike nails on the front, for hanging earrings. Each tier is a different spacing apart for different lengths of earrings.

I have hung the earrings from manila tags that I have fancied up with a scrapbooking edge punch.

<--- These wider pieces are perfect for displaying the more elaborate necklaces.
And the skinny fence post pieces are the right height and width for the longer, more simple necklaces. --->

The hat displays are going to be a great way for me to display my hats up off of the table, so that they can be seen from across the room. They are all different heights, which makes it easier to group them together, or separately.

Well.... that's all for now. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!


Art Expression said...

Wow...I love that, it is perfect....Your hubby does ROCKS = )

Anonymous said...

My friend Kristina bought the awesome red hat in this post! She wouldn't take it off all day, even indoors. :)

Maggie/Cedar Hill Rustics said...

Love what he did..... that is awesome.

Maggie/Cedar Hill Rustics said...

Love what he did.... that is awesome...Have a great show.

Glitter and Grunge Studio said...

Yes, He does rock!!!
These pieces are FABULOUS for displaying your jewelry and accessories!!!