Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mamma Chick & Baby

Well... things are a bit crazy around our house lately. We are moving the end of this month, so we are going through the process of organizing, packing, cleaning, and weeding out. Our new home will be small compared to our last two homes, but it is a wonderful opportunity as we will be able to save up to finally purchase our own home! Not to mention we will be living across the parking lot from my mother-in-law's AMAZING primitive gift shop, so i will be in heaven! That also means she'll be keeping me busy sewing and painting and whatever else my little heart desires! lol!

I thought i'd take a moment in the midst of the chaos and show you all my newest creation. This will be my last Easter doll for the year.... and my last listing before we move. I am soooo in love with this set!!

Here's my Mamma and Baby Chicks... and as usual you can click on the photo to get to the listing, which ends tomorrow afternoon.


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

You just know how much I love this sweetie, don't you???????

I left an award for you at my blog! Please go pick it up!!!!! Cora

Debbie said...

Hi Andra - just a note to let you know I received my wonderful doll from OWOH - she is special and will be treasured always ^debbie^

GrittyArtsStudio said...

This dolly set is just DUCKY!! I love the moony-moony eyes and the pretty polka-dotted dress...You are so creative! And I am the lucky girl who gets to give them a home...YAY!

andraswhimsies said...

Thank you so much sweet friends!!!
Cora, i love you so much!! Thank you for the award!! Can i turn around and give it right back to you, because you mean the world to me!

Debbie... i am so glad that you got her... i was starting to get worried lol! Give her hugs for me =)

Jane... YAY! I am so glad that you won them!! I know they will have a wonderful loving home! And i'm jealous because they will get to look at your gorgeous art every day!!