Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tangkou and the Doctor!

 So excited!!!
My Tangkou baby arrived, and she is just as sweet as I thought she would be! She is my first ball jointed doll.... and will be my first customization.
Look how cute she is sitting on my computer desk, watching my every move. She has made fast friends with The Doctor and Amy, and only wonders if she would ever be able to fit in the Tardis... it is bigger on the inside after all, so there is hope. Maybe she will become the next companion.
Ohhhhh, I see period costumes in her near future!!! Maybe something Steampunk...... ;)

Move over Amy!

 Hubby shot a couple photos for me that came out really nice. Here she is wearing the hat that I made for her while I was waiting for her to arrive...... it fits perfectly! Having two boys, and a husband, our home is usually overrun with superheroes, legos, Star Wars and Doctor Who..... as you can see. Now... don't get me wrong, I do enjoy all of these things, but sometimes it's nice to have something girly around (hence the ongoing theme of my art).

Like my pretty new hat?

So, when this lovely lady was on her way it felt almost like a new baby coming to our home. I instantly felt the maternal need to make her pretty things. It will be nice to have "someone" in the house that I can make pretty dresses and accessories for..... you know, without starting WW3!

I have actually threatened my boys that I would start making pretty dresses for their "action figures"..... wouldn't Iron Man look so sweet in tulle and lace????? ;)
So sweet

The only thing I am a bit disappointed with is her hair. I knew it was a felt wig, and it wouldn't be perfect, but it's really pretty sloppily made, and was put on a bit wonky. I will be making her a new wig soon... after I get around the huge amount of glue that they used adhering it.

Also, that pink makeup has got to go!!! I think she needs something softer..... and maybe some freckles =).

Her purple "hooker boots" were the first thing to go!!

Well, that's my introduction to the newest member of the family. I haven't picked a name for her yet... I think I will wait until I have fixed up her makeup and see what kind of personality she gains and go from there.

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