Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We have a winner!!! Or two =)

Well, I had to extend the voting by a couple extra days, due to a three way tie on Sunday. But I'm happy to say, we have a winner!!!

And the winning Etsy shop name is.......

Tattered Whimsies =)

YAY! I am so excited, I love this name! I really think that it will represent what I have in mind for my new Etsy shop so very well! As soon as I have it up and running I will post a link here =).

Thank you to all who voted, both here and on facebook. I could not have made this decision without you! I have to thank my wonderful hubby for humoring me and helping me pick a name out of a hat.... er.... bowl in this case, for the giveaway. So, without further ado............

The winner of a fantabulous pair of crochet fingerless gloves is...........

Sarah Waterfield of Fairy Whisper Art!!!!

She is fantastic, you really should go check out her art!

Thank you to everyone who participated!!! This was fun! I think I might just have to do this again sometime =).

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