Friday, February 12, 2010

Fairies and Geishas and Art Journals... oh my!

COLOR!! Oh how I love it! All colors, even the "ugly" ones =). I spend much of my time working in Primitive colors, which is fine, I love what I do…. but sometimes BAM the color explodes!! That is what I love about altered art…. layers and layers of…. you guessed it…. COLOR!

I also have a thing for fairies. They are so whimsical and magical…. anything with wings fascinate me actually.

This piece may be my favorite so far. I used layers of paint, paper, watercolor pencil, ink, magazine clippings, buttons and beeswax. I love the colors in this, they are some of my favorites!

What can I say? I have been on an Asian kick lately, whether it is with my cooking or painting.

I love my Geisha Girl! Her kimono and fans are made from layers of printed papers, and everything else is painted with acrylics. I have shaded everything with a metallic bronze acrylic to add a glow, and I love how it gives the jade background a patina that looks much like tarnished copper.


I love the idea! Something to carry around to jot down ideas, work with new techniques, and just play in every day! WOOHOO!

My brother-in-law bought me this beautiful journal for Christmas several years ago. It is made completely from recycled handcrafted paper. I love it!! However, I had no idea what to do with it….. until now. The pages are very heavy, much like watercolor paper. It was completely free of any sort of decoration, a perfect canvas for the imagination! And, of course I had to start by prettying up the cover a bit =)

(I had to get my messy table in there too, hubby just doesn't get the organized chaos of art…. I actually cleaned it up a bit for the photo)

I cannot wait to get started!! I will probably be journaling this online too, it's always good to have a sounding board, and what better than the world-wide-web for that??

Off to paint I go!


Jan said...

I just hopped over to your blog this morning from a link through my sister, Michele H. and found it coincidental that you wrote about art journaling. I'm a middle school counselor and just started using art journaling with 6th grade girls. It is in the experimental stage, as I've not used this activity before. A friend loaned me a book on the topic entitled "Journal Bliss" by Violette and it got me thinking about doing this with some students. So, anyhoo, hello. And I like your art angels and how you incorporate found objects into them, especially the book pages.

andraswhimsies said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I am not much of a writer really, so I never really got into typical journaling. But I have found that even just doodling in my art journal is great therapy! There is actually quite a bit of study going into art journaling as therapy. I think it's a wonderful idea for teenage girls! The book you mentioned looks great, I might have to check it out. I also saw a magazine at Borders that was all about Art Journals. And you can find loads of information online, as well as fun video tutorials on youtube... I personally can't stop watching those, they are very inspirational!
It's great to "meet" you =)

andraswhimsies said...

Oh, and good luck! I would love to hear how the experiment progresses =)

Peggy / Blissfactory said...

I love art journaling too. It makes me happy like a secret garden. You can have it always with you, show it or keep it for your eyes only.
I really like these 2 paintings, and your blog is so nice to visit with my evening tea :o)
Thanks for following mine :o)