Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crazy Days

Here I sit watching my crazy boys unwind from their dump truck races down the hallway... the smell of baking cinnamon coated muslin and paint fills the air **cough cough**... all I can think is, I love this time! They are quiet... and oh so cute.... I'm having a productive morning..... what can be better? Soon my 5yo will be on the afternoon bus to school.... and my 2yo will be sleeping!! That's when Momma can really be productive!! If I don't sit here too long lol!
Later I will have some "girl time". A friend is coming to visit.... and get her hair colored. She is getting married in July... so there will be much talk of dresses, flowers, veils, old, new, borrowed, and BLUE (which is my favorite color... just in case you were wondering). Aside from the fact that i will not be seeing hubby till late (he's taking college courses tues and thurs nights)... this will be a good day.

Here's a peek at what i'v been working on. These two are on ebay right now..... awaiting a new home. If you would like to take a better look just click on the pics.
God Bless you today!!!


April said...

OOOOOHHH I love that Bunny, I am very partial to bunnies. Your work is beautiful. I will add you to my blog
Hugs and Blessings!

GrittyArtsStudio said...

That is such an awesome rabbit!! Her dress is soooo cool. Maybe I will win it and display it by the oil paintings I won from April...

andraswhimsies said...

Thank you so much ladies!!!! I am so happy to have met such wonderful, super talented, sisters in Christ... who knew?? =)
Jane... thank you so much for the bid!! If i keep selling dolls like this than maybe soon i can buy art from both of you.... i'm saving up!!
God Bless!

CraBBy GaBBy said...

Hi Andrea..I adore the dollie with bell hair..she is so divine...I hope you had good girlie time :)~ gotta love those productive mornings where it feels as if you are standing upon a mountain.
I will go ahead and add you to my blog thank again for stopping by, have a most joyous weekend ahead.

Antonella said...

Love the bunny, i can see her sitting in a rocking chair with her little grand-bunnies hopping around. I was drawn in by the OWOH and had to look some more. Hugs, antonella :-)